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SMS-5030Ax X X-ray security machine
The new generation of security inspection equipment of 5030A X-ray machine in Gongmenshen Science and Technology Group has been upgraded in 6 places in hardware and optimized in 321 items in software, which has made a great breakthrough in quality and performance. Object automatic induction function, automatic operation of luggage, no luggage in a static state.
Product Profile:
Product introduction

Gatekeeper Science and Technology Group's new generation of 5030A security equipment, 6 hardware upgrades, software optimization of up to 321 items, quality and performance has been a huge breakthrough.

Widely used in: Party and government organs, public security departments, courts, procuratorates, prisons, Reeducation-through-labour institutions, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, subway, museums, embassies, customs stations, port terminals, tourist attractions, sports and cultural venues, conference centers, Expo centers, large-scale activities, sports events, scientific research institutions, postal securities, logistics express, border troops, financial power, etc. Important departments of hotel schools, factories, enterprises and other public places. Mainly used to detect small goods, parcels, mail, small bags, suitcases, bags, backpacks and other items hidden in prohibited items and flammable explosives, such as control tools, guns, detonators, fireworks, ethanol, gasoline and sulfuric acid.

Detection objects
Detection object
Small items such as parcels, mail, small bags, suitcases, handbags, etc.
Suitable place 
Applicable place

Taxation, courts, detention centres, prisons, tourist attractions, playgrounds, gymnasiums, post offices, shopping malls, hotels, shoes and hats, clothing, toys, bags and other places

Technical advantages
Technical advantages
Technical Advantages: Parallel data transmission technology, compared with other similar products, the speed of network transportation is 10-20 times faster;
Full-featured: not only has the functions of equipment networking, image storage, output and printing, but also can customize other functional modules according to customer needs.
Waterproof function: special treatment in the passageway, passengers have little liquid scattering without influence, more assured;
Easy to learn and use: the user can easily use the equipment by using a concise and humane operation interface;
High-definition display: equipped with high-definition liquid crystal display, image display is more delicate;
Mass Storage: Pictures are stored directly on hard disk with a storage capacity of more than 1000000 sheets and can be directly called for viewing.
Energy-saving and environmental protection: the machine can automatically sense objects, with luggage put on the machine before starting operation, no object when static;
One key shutdown: when shutdown, only need to rotate the key, the equipment shutdown automatically and safely, reduce equipment failure;
Environmental protection design: Lead curtain with protective film to prevent guests'hands from touching lead and avoid lead pollution.
Basic parameter index
Basic parameters

Technical Indicators of SMS-5030A

Channel size

500 (wide) 300 (high) mm

Conveyor Belt Speed

0.22m / s

Conveyor Belt Maximum Load

180 pounds

Film safety

Safety of ISO1600 Film

Resolving power

Single Solid Core Copper Wire with Diameter of 0.0787mm

Spatial Resolution

Horizontal: Diameter 1.0 mm Vertical: Diameter 1.3 mm

Penetrating power

10mm steel plate

Tube voltage

100-160 KV (adjustable)

Tube current

0.4~1.2mA (adjustable)

Beam divergence angle


Leakage dose

<0.3µgy / h

power loss

1.0KW (maximum)

working voltage

220vac (+ / - 10%) 50±3hz

Cooling cycle

Sealed oil-cooled/100%

X-ray sensor

L-shaped photodiode array detector (multi-energy), 12 bit depth

Ray beam direction

Bottom illumination


High Resolution 19-inch LCD

One-button shutdown

Turn off the machine only by turning the key. The machine shuts down automatically and safely so as to reduce the malfunction of the equipment.

Energy-saving and environmental protection design

Object automatic induction function, automatic operation of luggage, no luggage in a static state; Lead curtain coated with protective film, to avoid lead pollution to human body, prolong the service life of equipment.

Image Resolution and Gray Image Degree

Resolution: 1920 * 1080; Grey image: 65536

image processing

24 bit real-time processing, color/black-and-white image, image display, edge enhancement, object contour edge and image details clearer, image brightening, image darkening, 20 pictures before image pullback, alarm function, image retrieval

Image Preservation, Selection, Enlargement and Restoration

Real-time storage of 100,000 pieces, 1-9 selections, and 2-68 times real-time enlargement, image display restored to its original state

Multi-energy color display

Organic compounds are orange, inorganic compounds are blue, and mixtures are green.

High and Low Energy Penetration Display and Switching

Increase the contrast of bright and dark areas, make the easy-to-penetrate area and the difficult-to-penetrate area clearer, and switch the display of two kinds of energy.

Fault self-diagnosis function

Automatic judgment in case of failure, prompt information in time, easy to maintain

Aided detection

Auxiliary Detection of Some Typical Hazardous Goods

Unique function

Date and time display, working status, image microdisplay, operator identification code, baggage count, emergency stop, power on self-diagnosis function, network interface, system work and X-ray emission timing

Storage temperature/humidity

- 20 +60 / 20% ~ 95% (without condensation)

Working temperature/humidity

0 45 C / 20% - 95% (without condensation)

Noise level


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